RTFMs Episode #10: The Story of the Troubled MacBook Pro That I Almost Returned

Back in 2020 I’ve got a new 16″ 2019 MacBook Pro that was plagued with different problems. After quite a bit of research I found that a lot of MBP users are having the same issues:

  1. The laptop crashes after waking up from the sleep mode
  2. It makes annoying hissing sound
  3. The performance is a lot worse than expected from the praised 2019 16″ Mac Book Pro (perhaps, the best Intel CPU-based Apple Laptop)

Having Apple’s standard 14 days to return the laptop (which I was almost ready to do) I began my research trying to figure out what’s going on, if I got a complete lemon or these problems are. In the end I solved all these problems and got outstanding benchmarks from the same laptop I initially thought was a “lemon”. Watch the full video for the explanation of the physics, commerce and software configuration behind these issues.

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